Seva Darshan


Back in 80’s a couple of like-minded individuals from India who were working in various jobs across Kuwait got together to form an association of Indian expatriates who shared the same goal of promoting seva, culture and pass on our Nations great heritage to our next generationwho were growing up in Kuwait. Various like-minded groups formed across the country that represented a cross section of society from various states of India. In late 80’s, the members from the state of Kerala also became active in the cultural and social activities carried on by various organization in Kuwait. The Indian Arts Circle served as a common point for the Indian community to meet and celebrate festivals and other functions.

The Invasion of Kuwait brought a stop to all activities in Kuwait and this was later restarted after the Liberation and when many of the expatriates returned back to Kuwait. Lots of newly recruited people arrived in Kuwait to take advantage of the growing vacancies and job opportunities. They brought back lots of memories and energy from their stay in India in the interim period. As time passed by, life was back to normal in Kuwait. Friends and known people who had joined hands in various charity efforts back in India got together and met regularly at various parts of Kuwait. They organized various programmes, and also brought many celebrities to Kuwait. They contributed to severalsevaactivities back in India and in Kuwait.

Later in the year 2005, it was thought essential to have themselves registered as an organization under the office of the Indian Embassy of Kuwait to have the sanction of the government’s representative office in Kuwait. After long thought process, a working constitution was drafted. After receiving the necessary approvals SEVA DARSHAN KUWAIT was officially registered as an organization with the Indian Embassy of Kuwait. A logo was adopted by the members and the first executive of the association was elected with Shri. Suresh Kadambari as the president. The association formed units in Abbasiya, Farwaniya, Salmiya and Fahaheel. Members from all over Kuwait attended regular get together and meeting.

In 2006, one of the biggest gatherings of association members was held by Seva Darshan in Wafra with over 700 participants. Few months later another gathering witnessed the presence of more than 200 Tamil members. Various programmes like SanksarKendras for children, festival celebrations were started at all units. More and more members came into contact with the organization. Various well-wishers also stood by the organization at various times supporting all its activities.

Doing seva and initiating a need for doing Seva has always been the underlining principle of Seva Darshan Kuwait and our members have effectively been able to carry the message across to the society by its deeds and by setting befitting examples. Every year the executive body of the organization grew in size according to representation and many karyakarthas came forward to lead the organization ahead. With more able leaders came new ideas and an urge to expand the organization so that all sections of the society could take advantage of the noble thoughts to which all members of the organization were bound by faith.

In 2008, Seva Darshan conducted ‘Bharathotsav 2008’. The mega event was aimed at supporting one of the most ambitious projects the organization had ever supported. With ‘Bharathotsav’ we could back the construction of a building for the Krishnajyothi Kendra in Palaghat, a home for the visually blind. Over 3000 people attended the event and we were able to achieve our target.It gave the members the much needed energy to expand further into the society and get spread its message.

Along with its children wing, Bala Darshan Kuwait and AdhiatmicSamithis, the units in all four areas have grown stronger over the years. Seva Darshan launched VicharBharati in 2010, as its professional platform. The organization inaugurated by Shr. SubramaniamSwamy has conducted many programmes since its inception which includes, professional workshops, career development programmes etc. It has also serves as an intellectual platform where many ideas and debated. The organization also brings out a monthly e-magazine, Sopanam that encourages the members to enhance their creativity by writing stores, poems and informative articles. The magazine has over 5000 readers across the world.

In 2010, we conducted the ‘Bharath Darshan’ which was held to support the building of a school in Marayoor, Kerala. The effort was received with overwhelming response by the public. In the year 2011, Seva Darshan launched ‘SamskrithaBharati Kuwait’, to propagate the divine language of Sanskrit in Kuwait. A large number of people attended the Sanskrit speaking camps organized every year in Kuwait. In the same year, we also launched ‘Yuva Darshan’ to engage the senior children studying in Kuwait.

In the year 2013, we conducted the ‘BharathVikas’ in support of the Vikas Trust, which supported the establishment of a student studying center in Trichirapally, Tamil Nadu. The same year was also celebrated as the 150thbirth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda all across Kuwait. In 2014, various events like ‘Yuva For India’ and ‘Shakti’ were held drawing great support from the public in general. Later in the year launched ‘Science International Forum’ to propagate the value of science and Indian contribution to science.

The MathruSamithi, comprising of the ladies of Seva Darshan also play an important role in all activities of the organization. Regular meeting of the samithi members happen in all areas where discussions and programmes to enhance the well-being of the family are discussed.

The organization has been growingwith more and more support from the society since its inception where the membership has grown with people from states like Andhra, Karnataka, and even Manipur. The underlying principle on which the organization has been built still stands strong and the motto, “Manava Seva Madhav Seva”, echoes in the hearts of its members in their day to day activities.