Iftaar Soudhrida Sangamom

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August 14, 2015
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August 12, 2015

Iftaar Soudhrida Sangamom


Kuwait’s prominent Indian social-cultural organization Seva Darshan Kuwait held an Iftaar Soudhrida Sangamom to commemorate its 10th year anniversary and to honor the various organizations and media organizations that have supported its efforts during this time

The event held at Orma Auditorium in Abbasiya on 05th of July was presided over by Seva Darshan Kuwait president Sri. Ajayakumar.T.K. Kerala Islamic Group Vice President and Gulf Madhyamam Kuwait Bureau chief Sri. Faisal Manjeri gave the Ramadan message. Ramadan is the month of knowing your neighbor, the time to attain self-realization and the importance of giving help to those in needs is the message to learn from fasting and prayer, was the important message of the day. The unity of mankind was stressed by the other speakers who felicitated the occasion. Sri. Farooq Hamdani (KMCC Vice President and Chandrika, Kuwait coordinator), Smt. Lissy Kuriakose (Malayalam Kuwait, Co-coordinator). Sr. Hamza Payanoor (Social worker and Jeevan TV Bureau Chief), Sri. Aby Varicad ( OICC representative ) spoke on the occasion.

Sri. Vibheesh Tikkodi ( Sopanam Magazine Editor and Seva Darshan Secretary ) gave the concluding speech of the day. The organization’s objective of uniting all mankind irrespective of religion and other differences must be the aim of our society was the essence of the speech.

At the function attended by Sri. Abdul Fattah Thayil (Malayalam Media Forum). Sri. Varghese Puthukulangara ( OICC co-ordinator ) and other prominent personalities, Sri. Mohankumar ( Seva Darshan Secretary ) gave the welcome address and Seva Darshan’s Public relations in charge Sri. Venugopal  T.G gave the vote of thanks.

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